About Us

Henan Hanson Import & Export Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacture and exporter of Fish Feed Pellet Machine,Poultry Feed Pellet Machine and other fishing products.With the cutting eged technology, modern management concepts, excellent machining facilities and professional staff, Hanson has been exporting their products to Europe,South America, the Middle East,Africa and many other countries and regions for more than 10 years.
We are a professional manufacturer of fishing products,especially have more than 10 years experience in fish feed pellet machine industry.Our products have got satisfaction from our customers all over the word.
Perfect quality control system,from the raw material procurement,manufacturing process to the finished products inspection.We strictly implementing the high quality standard.
Professional staff and engineers can give you full technical support and guidance.We also provide the equipment installation,testing,commissioning and maintenance services.
Feeding fishes without buying feed.Floating or sinking fish feed produce by our machines with provided formulation.You also can sell extra feed in your local market.

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